Read this and evaluate yourself!

Look around you, something or the other is happening, there is a guy in a dark Armani suit buying a bouquet of flowers for his girlfriend, he looks happy right, what about that beautiful couple holding hands and a selfie stick on the other hand ready to launch their beautiful moments on Instagram for everyone to see (Don’t you wish that was you, the happy ever after kind of thing). Oh! there is the tea seller basking under the tree with a big ice cream smile which later melts to a scornful frown when you ignore his services (would you wanna be this dud? Just asking), or that beggar under the bridge with a ‘have mercy on me’ look painted on his face hoping you will drop some change in his bowl damn you mean human being you just pass him wearing a blank stare on your face, and he looks miserable (You definitely don’t want to be that guy).

That is life, its happening right under your nose. Life isn’t as mysterious as we think, we create the mystery, we craft the magic with our supernatural abilities of dual creation.
Everything that you see around you, love, happiness, poverty, war, peace you name it, was once conceived in the mind, someone visualized it and that is the first stage of creation, and STAGE (ii) was execution, dedication, hard work, self-evaluation and failure (It takes more hard work and dedication to be poor and remain in rugs).

Whatever situation you find yourself right now is nothing but a by product of the thoughts that sprout from your mind. Watch over your thoughts carefully, because out of them sprouts the tree of life and in no time you will harvest what you planted.
My mama once said, ‘watch your thoughts because they become your actions, watch your actions because they become your habit, watch your habit because it becomes your Character and finally, watch your character because it becomes your life’. True right!, I know.
Every single minute in life beholds a new chance for us to make a difference, make your choice now, guard your thoughts and be the artist you are destined to be, start designing your Magnum Opus today.

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